Water Quality Is All About Life

Life cannot be sustained without access to safe water. There's ample evidence to support the notion that issues related to water quality are not going away any time soon. A major part of the efforts to maintain adequate water quality is measuring and monitoring. MB Water is dedicated to providing those services to any and all in the State of Iowa with an interest or the need.

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Edge Of Field

Edge-of-field water qualty monitoring enables both farmers and scientists to track the impact of conservation work on water quality. Through edge-of-field monitoring, the amount of nutrients and sediment in runoff and/or tiles are measured and compared over time to help make it easier to find issues early.

Streams & Ponds

MB Water collaborates with NRCS and ISU Extension Services to monitor and report stream and pond ecology. As with all MB Water services, all sampling, analysis and reporting are done confidentially and with fully cooperation of both the landowner and tenant.

Making Compliance Painless

Our combined 45 years of experience, including Iowa DNR and IOWATER involvement, are your assurance that results will be efficient and professional. Our staff includes a licensed Iowa Environmental Engineer and Iowa-certified water/wastewater operators.

The MB Water staff has a combined 45 years of experience with water monitoring and sampling. Make us your one call for help with water conservation techniques that reduce nutrient runoff.

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